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Anxiety Disorders and Possible Treatments

Anxiety disorders are one of the few mental disorders that occur frequently in a major portion of the world's population. There are many different types of anxiety disorders, the most common affect a person's mood and emotional states.
Anxiety also affects thinking by causing fear and a change in behavior and physiological activity. However, panic attacks do not always indicate that a person has a mental disorder as close to nine percent of healthy people suffer panic attacks at least once a year.

The likelihood of a person suffering from anxiety involves a combination of life experiences from early childhood, psychological traits, and genetic factors.
Some anxiety disorders, such as a panic disorder, appear to have a deeper genetic basis than most other disorders. Although the actual genes that cause the disorder have not been identified by neuroscientists there are ongoing studies in major universities throughout the world.
Other anxiety disorders are more rooted in stressful life events such as worrying too much.

The frequency, force, and length of the worry are almost always disproportionate to the actual source of the worry, and such worry often intrudes with daily living and basic functioning.
There are several major psychological theories explaining anxiety such as psycho-dynamic, psychoanalytic, and behavioral and cognitive theories. Anxiety disorders are so varied that the relative roles of these factors are likely to vary from person to person.

Studies show that women suffer more from anxiety than men. Although it's not clear why, many therapists rely on the responses to questions asked while in treatment sessions to develop a treatment plan.

Some theories have proposed that the cause may be the use of steroids. Research on women's answers to questions related to stress hint that women experience a broader range of life events that are more stressful as compared to men in the same studies.
Anxiety can be treated with different methods such as psychotherapy, medication or a combination of both treatments. Listed below are treatment options for people that
suffer from anxiety.

Treatment options for anxiety include:

• Counseling and Psychotherapy

Anxiety disorders are receptive to counseling and to different methods of psychotherapies. During the past few years, there has been an increasing interest for focused, time limited therapies that attempt to address different ways of coping with anxiety symptoms directly, rather than investigating unconscious childhood conflicts or other personal weaknesses.

• Pharmacotherapy

The medications normally used to treat people with anxiety disorders are antidepressants, benzodiazepines, and newer amalgams such as buspirone.

• Combination Treatment

Some patients with anxiety disorders may benefit from both psychotherapy and medication by either combining the two or using them in sequence. It is likely that such combinations are not needed and are probably more cost-effective when used only for patients with more severe disorders.
Anxiety disorders are very draining and common, yet respond well to treatment if started at the onset of the diagnosis. It is not a complaint to be taken calmly in view of its effect on the quality of the person's life.




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